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We like to think that building innovation begins...

By being entrepreneurial.

Since our beginning, we have adopted an entrepreneurial perspective towards building. It was all about how to better serve our customers. Along these lines we consistently reinvested in our plant and people, enabling us to develop the value-added products and services we are known for today. A diversified building supply and product line, a responsive divisional structure and a strong reputation in the field are all a result of this kind of thinking.

By being resourceful.

We like to think that generating resources is what best drives a business. This approach explains our success, when builders in our region were depending on outside resources; we found a way to bring them in-house. Our steel, roofing and precast concrete divisions came about as a result of this kind of thinking. Today our divisional structure allows us to deliver higher quality turnaround on our construction projects, since we have strategic control of the resources they create.

By being determined.

Over the last few decades, the building industry and associated building markets have undergone significant change. We anticipated this and determined early on to apply our steel and concrete expertise to emerging markets. Our focus on the specialty dry store, cold store and bulk retail markets turned out to be correct. We also saw the development opportunities that new land purchases would bring. Today Calder Stewart Development oversees an extensive land bank, offering unique buy or lease development packages. We like to think it's all about being determined and entertaining innovative thinking.

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